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18 November 2020 - 30 November 2020
BE @Smart Manufacturing Matchmaking 2020 - Virtual Edition

B2B Meetings - How does it work?

A matchmaking event is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners in face-2-face talks. 20-30 minutes run fast but it is enough to build first connections before the bell rings and the next talk starts.

1) Registration

  • Register via the green "Register now" button
  • Choose attendance modules based on your availability and create your individual agenda
  • Create your profile
  • Your profile will be reviewed before it is published, fore more info read the section below.

2) Publish a business profile to showcase your needs

Create a clear and concise business profile to raise your visibility on this platform.
Your profile should describe who you are, what you can offer to potential partners and who you want to meet.
A good profile will generate significantly more meeting requests. Your profile will be visible before, during and after the event.

3) Create your marketplace

The Marketplace enables you to list your offer and request items and to search for suitable business partners based on these items. You can present your offer within the following categories: 

  • Product 
  • Service 
  • Partnership 
  • Project cooperation 
  • Investment Opportunity 
  • Expertise 
  • Request 

At least one Marketplace entry is required for profile validation.

    4) Browse profiles of attendees

    Find out who is offering interesting and promising business opportunities.

    5) Send & receive meeting requests

    Be active not reactive. Browse published participants profiles and send meeting requests to those you want to meet at the event. Adding a meaningful remark why you are interested in a meeting will increase the chance that your request will be accepted. Usually, accepted meeting requests will be scheduled automatically. Thus you have immediate access to the time of a meeting.

    Booking rules?

    • Everybody can send meeting requests to everyone
    • Incoming meeting requests have to be accepted to be scheduled

    How do I connect to my virtual meetings?

    1. Login to your profile 
    2. Click on "Meetings" on the top
    3. Click on the green button saying "Meeting starts in ..."

    In respect to your potential future business partner be in time for your meetings!

    You do not need any additional software for the meetings, only an up-to-date web browser (ideally Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome), a microphone and preferably a webcam.

    You can find a short video about how to connect to your meetings here or read here.

    Profiles Validation 

    Your profile is validated when:

    • it is written in English
    • it has at least 1 Marketplace Entry
    • it has a clear and complete Organization description.

    B2B Meetings - A short youtube intro


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