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18 Nov 2020 - 20 Nov 2020
BE @Smart Manufacturing Matchmaking 2020 - Virtual Edition

The brokerage event is part of Smart Manufacturing Matchmaking 2020 Virtual Edition, that in addition to BE@SMM2020 includes the following events:

Webinars 4.0 @SMM2020
includes webinars held by specialists and related to SMM2020 topics. It will take place on 18, 19 and 20 November.

Virtual Company Missions @SMM2020
will be activated on specific Industry 4.0 topics and will include virtual presentations by one or more companies/research groups to other invited companies/research groups that have shown interest in the company mission’s topic. At the end of the presentations there will be one-to-one meetings previously scheduled.

Pitch Session Award @SMM2020
Virtual Edition provides for an "Open Innovation" session with Large Companies and one with the financing of innovative projects. Online applications will be acquired and the best proposals selected will be invited to pitch, always online, which will determine the winners for each of the competitions.

Virtual Exhibition @SMM2020
will be active from November and will remain active until the next edition of Smart Manufacturing Matchmaking. It will be open to innovative projects and demonstrations proposed by SMEs.



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Armenia 1
Austria 5
Belgium 4
Bosnia And Herzegovina 1
Bulgaria 7
Croatia 1
Czech Republic 5
Finland 3
France 3
Germany 27
Greece 3
Hungary 1
Ireland 1
Italy 11
Lebanon 1
Malta 3
Netherlands 1
Nigeria 1
Poland 7
Portugal 1
Romania 5
Slovakia 3
Spain 17
Switzerland 1
Turkey 19
Ukraine 5
United Kingdom 6
United States 1
Total 144


Start-up 23
Microenterprise (0-10) 21
Small Enterprise (10-49) 47
Medium Enterprise (50-249) 8
Large Enterprise (250 or more) 10
University 13
R&D Institution 11
Association/Agency 4
Authority/Government 1
Inventor 1
Cluster 2
Investor/Business Angel 1
Other 2
Total 144